Monday, May 21, 2012

I'm back and I am alive

I finished Megapope.  It is DONE.  Here are things that I recently finished that I did not post yet.

Because I liked my trailer:

Here is the final little big guy!

And here is a link to the Soundcloud I put up for my music that I do for my films.  There are also misc. tracks on there from things that I have made that weren't for a band or a group (or even a reason).

Here is a video I made with some buddies

Take THAT odds.  You were against me, but I wrecked you.  Now immediately onto the next thing.  News.  I am currently working on making a comic book pitch packet with my director friend Daniel Speers.   It is sensitive material so, as much as i want to post it, I will not.  You will have to wait! 

Separately, in a week or so I am pitching a new series idea to Frederator.  I will be presenting a beat board with the first episode on it.  I have recorded a theme song with Matt Zavorski and Steve Shakespeare for a little added zest for the pitch and I am pretty excited.  Here is a preview of the characters.

Writing for Fisthead is still proceeding slowly, but my deadline for having that pitch packet ready is less immediate, so the crew is just settling their graduation affairs and we will be writing soon.

Here are a few sketchbook snapshots.  Stuff I have been doodling:  Dragonball z and tongues.

I have decided to force myself to draw buildings every day because that is what I am week at.  Today is my first day doing so. So here it is!

Posts will be more frequent now. I want to work in color more so I hope to bring you some more colorful drawings.  Love you guys. Thanks for reading!

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

So many new things- Megapope, Fisthead, Illustration, doodles

Hey there! It has been a long long while since I have done a post.  In fact, last night, I spent 3 hours trying to figure out what email and password I used for this account.  Anyway.  Needless, to say, I have some explaination to do for my absence.  It is simple:  my student film "Megapope" now runs about 6 and a half minutes.  (more than 3 times longer than fisthead)  I have only two times as long to finish it so I have been going nuts.  However, I have picked up around 12 interns to workon my film doing in-betweens and color. In a future post I shall list them, but they have way too many last names for me to remember right now.  I need to get my list.
             So I figure I shall start with talking about some Megapope news (and olds).  Here is the Megapope intern sheet I handed out.  Its a nice little character sheet that gives you a glimpse into the film's people.   I presented to 3 sophomore classes and handes this out and I got a good response.
Once I recruited these young people I gave the ones who were willing a sort of test.  If they had an interest in in-betweens on my film, they needed to be able to recreate my style.  This is a breakdown sheet for how to draw the main character, Megapope.
Now, this is a film so I don't expect you will just be satisfied by some drawings.  I have some video previews for ya. I thought it would be cool to show the rough and then the finished version of some shots. Here is a group of 4 shots with the evil cardinals that are plotting against the main character.  The first link is a rough version and the second link is a more final version.

 Now, these scenes are actually very different from most of the others in the film in that they are high contrast (let alone that they have shadows at all).  This was an interesting look to play around with but most of the rest of the film looks more like the following preview shots.  These are short so don't get excited.  Its mostly animators that apprciate them honestly.  I have alot of people complain when my preview shots are so short.  I tell them that if I gave them 30 seconds of cleaned-up work thats like posting a whole week's work of work before the film comes out. 

So here is one that I thought was funny.  I utilized two different animation styles for the two main characters.  Megapope is part robot so his movements are very robotic.

In comparison, Ned, the atheist speech-writer was more fluid in the animation.  I used animation smears.  This is a frame in-between two exaggerated poses that shows a fluid, fast motion.

I will admit, in this film I had to take many animation short-cuts.  But this one short clip took so long because I wanted to make these stupid curtains look good.  There is nothing behind the curtains yet because I still have to do the outside backgrounds.

To segway into the next section of this post, here is the website page for Ned's speech-writer review section.  Check out the advertisement on the left.

 Some of you might be wondering if I am still working on Fisthead.  I know I have left the public in the dark about what I am doing with it, but fear not.   I am working on Fisthead every week.  In fact, this last week I began to take measures to officially copyright it.  My small writing team is working every week on scripts for 11 minute episodes.  We have finished the Pilot script.  Here is a little clip of the first page and the little logo I did for it.

I don't want to give too much away, but there is a new villain and Fisthead may or may not run for mayor in a Renaissance fair.   We are very excited about the future of fisthead and I will be heading out to La come May to talk to a studio who may be interested.  I can't give any more away because nothing is certain or final yet.  But things are advancing!    We are super pumped.    We are also developing Fisthead's brother who is a normal dude.  We needed something/someone to anchor fisthead down to humanity alittle.  Fear not, knuckleheads,  we are still working on it!

Side note- Here is an in-progress business card I am working on. 

 Now, as with any other blog post I make, I like to post things other than my film.  For instance,
 here is  a song I recorded for my new acoustic project influenced by trip-hop, Fever ray, and Tom Waits.

Give it a listen!  Let me know what  you think!

On spring break I got the chance to sit and work on one drawing for awhile, which was refreshing.  I usually have to pump out several hundred in a quick way, so working on one is nice.  I call this one "Magic Lamp"

 I am not sure if I want to color it or not but I think it stands on its own as just line art.

I also figured I would post a scanned print that I did.  A Frank Frezetta inspired barbarian fighting giant ants.
Nowwwww, here is a glimpse into my sketchbook. I picked out some pages/doodles I liked. 
Here is brain, a cube, and balls.

I realize I draw white people too much.  So here are some funny sketches I did with some little black rascals.

(I like the realistic guy a whole lot) 

Here's some fantasy-type/surreal shtuff.
I've been working on muh cartoonnnns too.

Yeah, I had a feeling this would be a monster post. Its so long.  If you read all of it and get to this point, thanks for following my work!  I hope to post something soon.

To leave off, here is a new little political comic from my series "Crocs"

Catch ya later!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Mega post with Moving Cartoons, Doodles, and Illustration

Yo yo yo homie people.  I have been so busy so my posts have been irregular.  Just a warning, this post is going to be huge because I have been very busy (to the point where I just don't have the time to post this work because I am busy doing it.  But here you go: I am going to get right into it.

I will start off with Megapope.  For those of you who aren't familiar this is my next short (and when I say short I say that lightly, because, as of right now it is like 7 minutes long.  I have begun to keyframe animate it and the animatic is finished.  I thought I would give you a preview of some rough keyframe animation I have done of 3 of my favorite characters.
This is a sketch of the Skinny Cardinal.  He is the high-pitched, shrill evil cardinal that rides a golden throne wheelchair.

This is the fat cardinal (upper drawing).  He is evil but my favorite character.  He just eats and licks his fingers through the whole cartoon.  He rides, as you can see, a plump pony.  The lower one is megapope naked...
This is the most evil and commanding of the trio of cardinals: the mean cardinal.  He rides a shackled heathen man.
Soooooo here is 4 shots from the first scene in which you meet these characters:

I have also made some leaps in what I am doing for the backgrounds.  The main setting is in this rich, lavished room with many decorations.  I would have had to draw like...70 different angles of this room.  Soo0o I have used my dabbling in the 3D program, Maya to assemble a toon-shaded room.  In this room I can move the camera to any position and render a picture of that angle and use it for my background (I won't have to redraw anythinggggg).  I will be drawing the other backgrounds but those are easier.  Here is what it looked like when I started.

I used this angle to recreate my production still.  It went from this:
to this (3D background)
I have recently pretty much finished the Room.  Here are a few angles!
I really like the fish tank.  All of the patterns are hand drawn (rug and wallpaper)  Annnnddd here is a closeup of one of the paintings.  They are Jesus paintings but with Mp's face pasted over each.

Before I talk about other things here is another Megapope character sketch that I kinda like:

I am in a screen printing class and have been working on this Elephant picture I call "Colossus"
Here is the sketch
And here is what I will be printing:
And I have been doing a god deal of life drawing and layout stuff for my Layout class.  It is essentially a sort of layout/lifedrawing/illustration class for animators. Here is a piece of work I just finished that I am pretty proud of.
Its a nuclear waste dump.  I had some fun with it.  I call it "Mutation."  I am going to be doing two more layout drawings that will be big illustrations.  I have chosen a character that is a Castradi in 17th Century Italy.  He is a castrated Soprano who sings in the Sistine Chapel choir.  Here are some rough layout perspective sketches.  I am trying to figure out what angle to do this from and what the layout of the space is like.

Here are some life drawing things I have done for this class.

Now here is the section where I just want to post some doodles and on-my-own life drawings that I did over the past few weeks.  Most of them are stupid but this is me drawing for fun.

That is what my sketchbook looks like.  Its getting late and this post is far too long.  So, I talk to you guys soon.  I hope you enjoyed this post.  I know it made me tired at least. 

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Sunday, October 9, 2011


A preview of Megapope things to come!

Hey, I have been totaly consumed with working and blahblah but I wanted to stop by and post some things I have been working on.  Larger and more colorful posts are promised for the future.

I am taking, essentially, A figure drawing class and I figured I'd upload some things I've done on them because I think they look nice. Here.

I was very surprised at the prospect of actually having an attractive model.  This was nice and made for a pretty set of drawings that day.  The class is geared around creating characters and environments.  So I took her pose and put her in a new environment, as shown above.  In the same class we are designing some sort of "super hero."  I didn't feel like rolling with the traditional cape and tights so I went with something that I can liken to Tank Girl.

Bazooka  Beau:
The paper was too big.  Sorry it got cut off!

Soooo0o if any of you are wondering about the progression if fisthead:


We have finished the first full-length pilot script and are going up to the sound studio this friday (the 14th or Oct.) to have a table read for casting purposes. WOOOOOO! It is moving along and we are PUMPEd.


My new short cartoon is not turning out to be too short.  It will be a 7 minute film.  I know right?  Anyway, here is a production still and the intro part of the animatic.

The song has, since, been re-recorded and the video has changed but I thought I'd put this up anyway for those of you who are interested.  This monday we are recording the final voices and then I will be able to finalize the first complete sound edit! Then I can start animating and getting backgrounds.  I promise more production stills for my next post!

I have a new parody music project called "Gentleman GooGoo" which I am working on making a video for with some friends.  It will involve sexy bug men partying inside of a beehive.  I have started modeling this in Maya.

Oh yeah, speaking of hives and honey, I found this amongst my old animation stuff and thought it was funny so I put it up.

If you aren't seeing them on Facebook here are the Newest "Crocs" Comics I have done!

I also posted this behind the scenes video where I draw Crocs really fast, make stupid comments, and showcase a new Gentleman Goo Goo song.  Its retarded, I know.

I also started a strip called "Not-So-Family-Oriented-Circus" where I take existing Family circus strips and write vile dialogue for them.

It isn't for everyone.  But i think it is hilarious.

Here is one last drawing to send off this post!  There will be much more in the future! Keep in touch!

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